A Dil Me Tuje Rakh Lo

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mira_s3mmy: RT @PROMOTEfor: #tanyaremaja kalau lagi boring biasanya ngapain ?tidorrrrrrrrrrr http://myloc.me/elKsX
fried_oimosan: You know I know how To make em stop and stare as I zone out The Club Can't handle me right now Watchin you I'm watchin you we go all out~♪
Jaquesdc: Hoje Acordei Meio Serial Kiler Simplismente com vontade de mata uns já acordou assim ? — Varias vezes http://4ms.me/az2itQ
Domineikmusic: Keep me up like a Red Bull
josiecampbell: Oh. Discovered that it is true that Len Brown is the Singing Mayor. He's not a bad singer either.
Gilbert85: RT @AfghanNews24: 'Afghanistan trap for US-led forces' - New French Defense Minister Alain Juppe has described Afghanistan as a 'trap'... http://ow.ly/1a2crv
mudzzpurple: @Jovi26_06_10 ahahha gk pntng ud .. ngko gw td k skul ngmbl hp.a..aa--kko gw baik
ElizPerkinsFan: Happy birthday to Elizabeth Perkins one of the most beautiful and talented actresses on earth!! We heart Elizabeth... http://fb.me/L52SBsBS
shelisah_cakes: RT @ilysweet_T: -__- imma sock you hahaha. @shelisah_cakes<u gone sock me nigga?? Nah imma sock u bluh
space__kidd: People who eat out loud irritate me to the utmost! It drives me fucking crazy.
frochka: http://www.comics-strips.com/2010/11/microwave-wonders.html http://fb.me/zoWsZjzk
McAlleNorah: RT @TeensInLove: I wish I could hurt you the way you hurt me. But I know that if I had the chance, I wouldn’t do it.
divcka: Bukan crhatan kan beh? HeehRT @iqballafemme: Yang nyakitin banget tuh kalo saling mencintai tapi nggak bisa saling ... http://tmi.me/3iSOp
TeensPulsee: Goodnight.. Gonna think of him for a bit ..
jessestoner45: @HannaSonnyss @txgirl432 how about a party ..

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