Bridget Jones Spoofs

Bridget Jones Spoofs
the bridget jones diary spoof trailer
the bridget jones diary spoof trailer. enjoy.

Twilight - Bridget Jones Diary TRAILER

Bridget Jones in Bodington
Bridget Jones visits us in our quiet little home

Bridget Jones Diary 5
A lil spoof never hurts...:-)

Torchwood - Children of Earth (spoof) | 1 of 2
Join Captain Jack, Ianto Jones, John Frobisher, Bridget Spears, Paddy Sinclair and loads of strange children as Trinity Productions tackle the ...

Bridget Jones - Edge Of Darkness
When Bridget Jones' son is killed in mysterious circumstances a trail of corruption and revenge is uncovered in this thrilling thriller from Oscar ...

Bridget Jones - The Middle
Bridget Jones fanvid. Song by: Jimmy Eat The World, Name: The Middle. NOT COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Hope you enjoy!

26. Bridget Jones Diary
blimp041271's shared video file.

Sherlock/John : Brokeback Baker Street [BBC Sherlock]
holmes bbc benedict cumberbatch martin freeman amv slash brokeback mountain heath ledger jake gyllenhaal doctor who moffat gattis parody trailer ...

Mean Lean Lucy Green
and Rawtenstall Grammar School - 2004 ... good times... short film spoof parody Mean Lean Lucy Green Bridget Jones Level Media Studies Film School ...

New Moon- "All by myself"
OF SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT. ... twilight saga new moon all by myself jamie neal kristen stewart robert pattinson bridget jones vampire funny trailer ...

Running in movies - COOL MIX!
new moon breaking dawn eclipse love actually airport scene bridget jones edge of reason shrek the graduate holiday harry potter deathly ...

Twilight / Romeo+Juliet / FULL TRAILER!!!
PROPERTY OF SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT. ... twilight saga new moon official trailer spoof funny robert pattinson kristen stewart romeo juliet 1996 vampire ...

Sherlock - In Chipmunk!
A compilation of scenes from BBC's Sherlock, in the ever-glorious chipmunk style. ... sherlock bbc chipmunk cumberbatch freeman moffat gatiss ...

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