Bucetas Negras Or Bundas Negras

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amandaaboss: ill be your ride or die chick. #forealssss.
Cdashclone: I just wanna know ladies when yall have gas in public do yall hold it or let it out? lmao just curious
caprioxbovidae: thought about doing the second language in a different font color, but I'm not sure that would be legible or liked by readers. #weblit
King_Forrest: wonders how #myfollowers feel on the issue of eating pussy is sum wrong with that or is it a no no
i5outhWestBoy: #ThisOrThat Pretty Boys Or Thugs ?
BONiTA_MONTANA: RT @Bigga_Mook: Umm ... Niggas Have Like 2 Or 3 Grey Brims And Kall They Self " Grey_Brim___ " G-maxk . --> #FACTz
Luxist: LA Auto Show: Cadillac's New Urban Concept: The last time Cadillac gave us a small, or smallish, car, it was a d... http://bit.ly/adhbHP
xRomo_9winz: RT @Paakaa10: @ian_cummings #maddenpodcast Any chance of progressive lighting or progressive weather through the course of a game in Madden 12?
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joanalhm: Being straight to the point..If you use drugs when going to raves or edm parties, you can't complain about how people see it. Be different.
msanimanga: @RizzoliQuotes @dietcokebottle @Adm_Hawthorne sorry to pop in here,but liv's butt? What? Are we talking benson here,or?
KJelo: RT @presidentmicky: "Presidential Debate" now on all local TV and Radio stations or online at: http://bit.ly/aMDF39
anna_strong: RT @ACH_CFF: Happy Hour at the Tower is tmrw! 5:30-7:30, roof of 300 Third Tower. Buy tkts at door; $15 or FREE with $25 dues. See you there!
abaldwin3287: @WindhorstESPN Heat playing THAT good, Suns playing THAT bad, or a combination of both?

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