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Fullclutch: @anthony15784 I've heard of that that sucks
katem3: @jordanfpsmith You don't think I've heard them??? Ha, they're good songs no doubt about it... but that's it
HeitorMarenga: @SchneiderMari ve vc me avisasse que ia ficar na chuva. Poderia ter ido a bz comigo . Manolinha....deu mole.
TerrenceSma11s: I've decided I'm bout to do a lot more reading..no more tv unless I'm watching sports or something educational..any good suggested reading?
IbTwAn: My fave number is 23..since I was lil I've always thought im gonna die..go to jail...get married...get saved again...something life changing
sabrinejazrawi: this girl has the biggestttt bitchy attitude I've ever seen.
Ygtylmz: Dün gece yaptığım futbol kuponu ve basketbol kuponu tuttuktan sonra bu geceye başlıyoruz.
SdtErgin: ..dolaşıyordu. Zeki ve duyglu tarafı oldgu halde arkadslari arsanda pek ciddiye alinmamasndan muteessirdi ve bunun acisni..
ABloggableLife: @thescramble But really, 2 in 1 month? I've gone years without having an epiphany. Hoping there's more where these came from...
LailaInHiding: I've favourited a YouTube video -- How to make Dango みたらし団子の作り方 http://youtu.be/lmnJLBA98_o?a
monik_rangel: @Flavissima_a Fla morra de invejaaa...eu vi a Juliaaaaaaaaaa! Ve la no meu orkut as fotos!
carlasuffi: @LarissaRMoreira tá, eu vo compra óculos pra ve se eu exergo :) n
Zuzandra: @MysteryGuitarM hi Joe, if you've got time, check out my MGM inspired Dance video: http://youtu.be/4YxCXODyitg?a
lari_lima93: @wooxlg Huum. Que deliciaa, vai lah ve filme, que eu vou ter uma aula suuper gostosa de biologiaa! :)
kristineebiebs: RT @MeAtSchool: My bed is more comfortable......when I've to get up for school. #MeAtSchool

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