Cojiendo Con Bulma De Dragon Ball Z

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cocoachi: @ZombieFarmer They get an F- for record keeping. Or maybe a Z-.
ELCARTELPR: Bién merecido!! Congrats RT @ORPHANDON #1 en ventas en tan solo 48 horas de haber sido lanzado nuestro album www.or...
13inh: @CayKing @HeadtotheNet But still.. These guys need to think before they speak.. Or better yet, just give hockey answers and play ball..
GoochSpacely: I'm like Mr. Washington from Lottery Ticket, just stay cooped up cause they aint no reason for me to go outside unless its school or ball
RyFo18: @RumfordJohnny Yeah I heard that...You can tell he's playing to not turn the ball over, that or he's just very inaccurate at times
truestofforms: @suitcaseheart Nice! We can't wait to meet her. Is it too soon to buy her a tee ball set or miniature basketball hoop? (The wife's ideas :)
iTzDuran10: @HighhDee Noo Liqour Drug'z Marijuana Or Pill'z Anythinqq Likee Dat iGhtt! <--- i Agree
DJNYC718: @IHateSpecialK well all I can think of is Jay Z or George Bush has a book out or you could be on some Danielle Steel ?
pastorjamesb: How come the term "B-ball" got monopolized by Basketball? Why not Baseball, Bowling, or Bocce?
ImAFucknGenius: This nigga D. Rose can't read or talk for shit, but the nigga sure can ball... Smh #FastDontLie lol
Thalia0904: Forever no sirve! TOPSHOP or. Urbanoutfitters! RT"@RocioArv: +10000000 RT @JMeribet: Especial de 4ever21 #dena -.-"
gabriiellaleite: por que eu sou tão desconfiada de tudo hein?? or
lustaintlove: @bunsbytch I wanna work with you de leh! Can or not?
JasonOSUBeavers: So.... that wasn't a kicked ball or over and back?
angieeus: Que honguin? Se jueron a dormir de plano o todavia el fut? Chales! To fut or not to fut!

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