Diecast Dodge Power Wagon

Diecast Dodge Power Wagon
www.toywonders.com 5017D Kinsmart - Dodge Power Wagon. 1:42 scale (1/42 scale) diecast collectible model car. This Dodge pickup is a 5"Lx 2"Wx 2"H die cast metal, pullback action pick-up truck with openable doors & tailgate. This Dodge Power Wago

dodge power wagon
dodge power wagon 360ci

MASSIVE Dodge Power Wagon
64 times larger than scale, it contains rooms and is mobile.

dodge power wagon stukel mud
07 on stukel in the old dodge playing in the mud

Dodge Power Wagon
2007 Souther Power Wagon Rally

1946 WDX Dodge Power Wagon
Dodge Power Wagon with a load of fire wood on a cold winter day.

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