Filmy Z Lektorem Na Youtube

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iamclaaa: @katreyes huh? Ano na ngyari??
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Tukast: If na you be the one wey chop stone wey won try me. Tink again.
momomonmon55: リアーナ入荷してきましたが、店でこの曲かかると何かテンション上がるんだ。エミネムの声が好きー
blackcelebradar: Jay Z visits David Letterman to talk about the history of rap
viciousct: This is sick! (YouTube
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rainpots: reading an article about ze wedding of william and kate... kate wud assume the title HER ROYAL HIGHNESS..WOW!!! O.O ganun na lang un!
Aang_Ky: prsaan ud dr dl deh,,, : ) RT @seivna: Hooh,baru dengaarRT @Aang_Ky: biasanya kn isi telor, yg ni isi parutan pepaya na.. : ) RT @seivna: Wa
kushalvarshney: I liked a YouTube video -- Walk in with an idea. Walk out with a wardrobe.

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