Guys Jerking Off

Guys Jerking Off

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parteepoison: Wondering if I'll be able to talk to @woodrodgers today before Treasure Island? Or perhaps Glenna has scared him off..?
hersheynative1: @JBrack1980 Piece of advice: Lay off the pills unless you actually do have pain that needs to be knocked down a peg or two......
Gucci_CBF: @A_List 2 or 3 week I was ready to jump off a bridge
dnsnow: @kiramadeira I cannot advocate his or any other attached sportmans off the field antics...if you want to put it about stay single!
EmaScienceSkye: @HalloFraulein No one wants to hear about your drawers. @decreeoflaw @mysticburgers Offices? You guys stateside or in Europe still?
epstv: @henrywinter who's Capello more frightened of? Fergie or Roy? Rio gets cotton wool treatment and Gerrard limps off. No clue!
AlicksDobbs: I hate it when people just ignore you, either talk to me or tell me to fuck off!
FashionistaNYC: Victoria's Secret - In store only - $15 OFF ANY $75 PURCHASE OR $25 OFF ANY $100 PURCHASE
KatDuncanPhoto: @The_BookishType @Loriimagination I agree!! Do it! Reading one always sets me off on a book tangent. All or nothing!
DJSPECIALK23: if u don't like what I tweet or feel like u got 2 run & tell dis & dat den STAY DA FUCK OFF MY SHIT. SERIOUSLY #BITCHES
ChloeMcA: Yippee!!! My alarm went off at 5:20 for a run yesterday and I just couldn't face the dark, wind or cold!! Wuss
trentfingland: RT @elenielstorm: @kateri_t I like to get pregnant and then put off aborting for 8 months or so. That's extra fun!
JeaniePebbles: Whole times square area off of 7th is blocked off w/ police barricades :/ someone or something fell through a window
LilRondoPack: So He Just Gon' Have To Put It Back Or I Would Befor I Get Off!
dneighbors: Speaking pressure is now off as most of #azec10 has left early or is more interested in beer.. Whew.

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