Hand Mime Worship Songs

Hand Mime Worship Songs
Hand Mime - "Here I Am To Worship"
Performed during Easter celebration 2009. Enjoy!

Song BY: Fred Hammond _"Take my Hand " Mime By: " ...
THE FIRST PART IS JUST A SHORT SKIT WELCOMING ANYONE TO TRY OUT TO JOIN THE MIME TEAM.This was done on 4th sunday in Nov. 2009. We are lead by the ...

Fred Hammond Take My Hand Mime & Worship - 2010 You Are Empowered to Win ...
Perfecting Word Deliverance Ministries, Inc www.perfectingword.org 248 E Crogan Street, #102 Lawrenceville, GA 30046 (770) 822-9222

CTJFI Easter Hand Mime Performance (Majesty) by Delirious?
CTJFI Performing Arts Ministry's Easter hand mime presentation. Song's title is Majesty by Delirious.

GCF Youth Ablaze Hand Mime Redeemer Savior Friend
i taught my Young People churchmates the art of hand mime and we made this interpretation of the song Redeemer, Savior, Friend. Enjoy!

"God of My Days" Hand Mime - Lighthouse Church
This is a hand mime done by our hand mime team at the Lighthouse Church in West Decatur, PA (www.lighthouse1.org). This is only the 2nd one we've ...

HCA 5th Grade Black Light Hand Mime - Who am I
This is our live performance by 9 fifth graders. For those interested in knowing how - We used 2 black lights purchased at Walmart ($10 each) and ...

Casting Crown's "Who Am I" Hand Skit

CTJ Hand Mime (Performing Arts) Ministry performed during Geneva's Filipino Community's Christmas Party at CEPTA on December 1. This performance ...

We Are An Offering - Hand Mime Presentation (RAIS Freshman 9D version - Spiritual ...
All right guys, here comes another one. After a week's practice, this is what 9D of RAIS could end up with. Hope you all enjoy it, please do not ...

Who Am I ( Hand Mime)
CGBC hand mime performance using the song Who Am I by Casting Crowns.

Who am I Casting Crowns hand mime
Este canto con mimica de manos (hand mime) fue presentado por algunos jovenes de ministerio llamada final san francisco en una noche de vigilia el ...

"Who Am I" Hand Mime - Lighthouse Church
This is a really cool hand mime to Casting Crowns' "Who Am I". This was performed on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009 at the Lighthouse Evangelical ...

Jesus Hope of Glory Hand Mime -Who Am I
Who Am I??? hhmmm... nice ONE!.. presented by Jesus Hope of Glory Handmime Ministry God Bless You! Please leave Comments,, thanks (^^,)

FBCC Hand Mime
FBCC (SVCF) Hand Mime with the song "Who Am I?"

As Bread That is Broken - Hands of Grace Benefit Concert
Holy Church of Jesus Christ Hand Mime Team on their debut performance. Directed by: Sis Joy Cutar, creator of "Who Am I?" Hand Mime Team, UPC Oslo ...

Who am i Casting Crowns (see our new version by typing "darylrph" ...
. we have a new full version of this if you search "darylrph" ... hand mime handmime yam who am casting crowns creative movement black light hands ...

Limelight - Hand Mime - Year 3/4 - "Who Am I"
This is a version of the popular hand mime to the song "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns. This mime however, was performed by students in Kaye ...

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