Hoc Cach Ve Mi Mat Cho Mat Mot Mi

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marib_15: El mejor concierto de toda mi vidaaaa
LightbulbDesign: Every quote or interview I've ever given to any publication has been misquoted. One exception: @guardian. How hard can it be to copy words?
Aleabutterfly: @rudydonk where are you? u've been MIA..why?
francisconi69: @CFKArgentina @chavezcandanga 4 Mi Carta Abierta a Usted en Aporrea http://bit.ly/9WNyJT Lleva 10000 lecturas.Aun no pierdo la esperanza
icarusdes: @Georgia86 Szep jo reggelt! Mi ujsag? Reg lattalak :-)
Gues_HAMU: だいぶ前に引退したんだな@mi041338
brucehoult: @nitecapp @bexielady one of the companies here has a teenage-looking girl now. Luckily I've been dressed so far when it's her.
Bourbons3: @LawrenceMills I'm not sure I'll even be seeing it. I don't think I've seen all of them.
cagedthunder1: Balls tv picture is bleeding look like a repair is in order. Good job I've got cover, didn't fancy paying for a new tv this close to Xmas.
melfera: I've had a little bit too much, all of the people start to rush....Hahahaha
ivaninvaders: Jgn boong mulu ape mi,sok sholat ckck RT@fahmiarrahman: hahahahah bentar ya re solat dulu RT @regita_zaenal
FatCycleRider: Blog comment: I've rated the crud kit on my road bike. They seem...: I've rated the crud kit on my road bike. Th... http://bit.ly/cAQvRQ
MRBQG_BK: @wilson_chandler is becoming one of mi top 15 favorite Knicks of all-time!!! Like a mix of Starks and Gerard Wilkins
christiawrnes: Erase all the memories, they'll only bring us pain, and I've seen all I'll ever need
DavieLegend: I'll be honest, I've never even heard of half of these suggestions. Bitty McLean? Alexander O'Neal? Boyzone? #GigOfShame

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