How To Carve Whales

How To Carve Whales
Whale bone handled carving tool`s
Kia ora ,Some people have been asking me to show more of my carving tool`s.Here is a closer look at some of the tools that I use.I have carved the ...

Leading Maori whale bone carver (introduction)
I carve whale and beef bone,I love surfing, and sailing my large outrigger canoe.I will be showing you clips of me carving some things from whale ...

carving a New Zealand maori whale bone pendant
This clip shows part of the carving process of a whale bone spiral.Find me

whale bone koru eagle feathers
Kia ora,I have carved these from stranded sperm whale jaw bone.I was asked to carve three eagle feathers in whale bone to represent the father ...

How To Bone Carve: Ancient Hawaiian Hook by Louie the Fish
Louie the Fish is a Master Bone Carver, carving since the 70's, when he earned a Degree in Fine Arts in Hawaii. Since then, he's worked in Samoa ...

Folkart Woodcarving Jonah and the Whale
This video shows a Folkart project of carving Jonah and the Whale. I show how to cut relief carving with just a knife. This is a fun little piece.

Dead Whale Disrespected
EAST SOOKE - The Department of Fisheries and Oceans says the grey whale which washed ashore in East Sooke Park over the weekend died of starvation ...

beef bone double spiral whale tail pendant
Kia ora,this is a old design of mine .I have used the tip`s of the maori takarangi spiral to make this pendant, it represent`s the tail of a whale ...

whale bone tiki
Kia ora, here is another hei tiki that I have carved.It is from part of a stranded sperm whale jaw bone, I have put paua shell in the eyes

Pipe fins p3d grill surfboard fins
Dorian kelly slater sunset jaws raglan Maori waka New Zealand carve Whale Dlphen surf board fin bone FCS Tom Carroll Teahupoo spit Maz Bobby ...

Folk Art Woodcarving Jonah and the Whale 2
Cutting lines on Jonah and the Fish

Maori Pukana
mate carving a pukana. Look at what he is using to carve the thing ... Maori Pukana Carving Sandstone funny Beached Whale New Zealand morgan ...

HattieS® Carving Kit by PMC
cutters, two wide v-shaped cutters and six 2" x 3" carving blocks. With this kit you can carve on the included blocks or directly into bone dry ...

A new way to carve pumpkins
Pumpkins and whale sharks don't normally go together, unless you're pumpkin carving underwater at the Georgia Aquarium.

toi iwi maori bone carving carve
Mauri ora Maori bone carving methods using hand saw, dremil and chisel.

Willy the Watermelon Whale.MOV
This is what happens when your Children's Librarian wife asks to carve a water themed watermelon. So you carve a watermelon whale and then you and ...

(clip) Faux Bone Jewelry: Tools and Techniques with Robert Dancik
sawing, sanding, drilling, and polishing. You'll learn to make rivets and add microfasteners and how to combine Faux Bone with resin and metal clay ...

Chilean Miners Found Alive Stuck for Months
now may be preserving their sanity during the months it may take to carve a tunnel big enough for them to get out. (Aug. 23) ... chile_mine_collapse ...

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