Http://speedtest Streamyx My

Http://speedtest Streamyx My

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GaTaGED: RT @reyesmonique: i really just do get @GaTaGED 's tweets sent to my phone, because yess its that serious :) lol
NadiBadgal: @wusa9 no unfortunately I was to busy calming my son down he was freaking out!
brianpmoore: @chadwickNnola There's one on Prytania near Kingpin that I use. They did a good job on my jacket. Hold on while I find the name.
RobinJP: Can't believe I've missed #wjchat ..traveling tomorrow, packing up my junk. @CraigSilverman on errors should be a great archive.
hattiecollins: Oh chips, pitta and hummus how I love thee, my tripple carb heaven.
beersuds: I hit on my shrink, I thought we were in the trust tree!
twazack: Practicing for a moment that hasn't come yet in my lifetime.
augiedb: @khuxford You could be right about that, tho my opinion of humanity is lower. ;)
gmayes21: Not yet...but soon! RT @KenMos: Found my @gmayes21 and NE cd cleaning out my car today. #camouflageartwork. Is the new one out yet?
KiddMe2: @Mavs_Girl yeah, my dad wanted to go thru albums and tell stories of all the ppl in the old pics (and teach me italian cooking tips).
iBiebTeam: @StevenBieber I might be able to help u! :) I'm going and my friend cannt go
ClausZaramela: @Cristiano one of my biggest dreams is to be followed by you here on twitter. i'm one of your biggest fans here in brazil.
BlueGemini23: and I thought MY breasts was big! Fuck was THAT?!
undagroundmilli: publishers: We have content for days. View my Daily Attack Blog for details and over 2,000 articles
BieberSex: @Annebieberr no my friend is. She's calling me from it! :)

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