Julia Bradbury Oops

Julia Bradbury Oops
Julia Bradbury
julia bradbury in black leather pants

Julia Bradbury Interview
Julia Bradbury Interview

Julia Bradbury Talks in Staveley
A talk was held on Saturday 19th January at Staveley Village Hall, Cumbria. The presentation was given by Julia Bradbury who presented the BBC4 series, Wainwright Walks.

Paragliding in Tenerife: Airborne with Julia Bradbury: The Rough Guide
Airborne in Tenerife, paragliding with Julia Bradbury filmed for The Rough Guide, the Channel 5 travel show. 3 minutes, good quality, very exciting.

TWStuff - Julia Bradbury and the papers (26.11.08)
Julia Bradbury appeared on the show to talk about her new Rough Guide series. Note that I had to cut out the clip of the show as it wasn t cleared for internet broadcast.

Julia Bradbury
Julia Bradbury looks like it could be cold?

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