Mam Talent Ruskie

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bennettodavid: iya,,ne maw mam krng tante oben jeneng ci pacul RT @obethominda: nasi doh... gembrot heheh maem mu??RT @bennettodavid belom,bru mam roti aj
chelseahhhhhhhh: I don't like Justin Bieber, and he has no talent. HA.
AmadiShai: @FeleciaGenet TBS talent show coming up u down? i dont know any info i just kno its comin up
iGulpHerJuices_: @RaisedInRiches_ Nah, It's Slow For Porn LOL . I Like How You Never Answered My Question About What You Doing For The Talent Show Though LML
I_am_Champoy: @EthelCachapero mam ethel pa-copy po ng image...share ko lang po sa profile ko :)) thanks :))
itzLCo: School already tryin to Suppress my talent. I got in trouble for stating I'd take part in a Cypher at school. See how "the Man" works now
Joecooler2u: @randyjackson8 Think Oprah is jealous cause MJ was one of the people in the world more popular than her! He had talent, she....well asks ?'s
muhom: This Baby Got Talent To Pop !! Cute Robot !! (via カラパイヤ) かわEE
Adoree_Me: Idk if its luck or a talent to get on tv & make hella money bein yourself. Mhmm
haveyametted: @CarrieSpitnale you but you guys should have beat us. we are undermanned and undersized and you have more talent.
gonfancyme: Some people idolize players in the NFL/NBA. Some wish they had the talent of da Vinci /Picasso/Mozart. I want to be published in Nature.
_anyssa: @priscillaa_09 hahah mam are you wearing bottomss? Of coursee I am! :) ahahahahahahah nastyy!
LuvSliM: @HeemyDrizzy I'm the worst everything lol numberer,speller,texter, etc. I have only 1 talent. That's y they call me #noaminoir
Rahka: RT @cameliatohir: Kdang talent lebih lebay dr pd artisnya -_-" hedeeeeeeeehhhh
Lyssa_xox3: You got that something that keeps me so off balance Baby youre a challenge, lets explore your talent <3

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