Mapouka Ghana

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xLicyntha_: RT @eesje: Ik wil naar Ghana mannnnn..
eesje: Ik wil naar Ghana mannnnn..
_snk: Ghana vs England...snm. Asamoah Gyan better get out the studio from now then! (seriously how can he miss?!!)
DJ_Special_D: I think I will buy box seats for the GHANA v ENGLAND game at WEMBLEY!!!
youthchallenge: Please RT: Freshly launched! Winter Innovator Projects to work at Capacity Building w/ partner orgs in Tanzania & Ghana
brotherayo: RT @WilliamAdoasi: Guys I am a prince in Ghana but I'm not the William getting married, thanks! << Fully gassed!!!!
WilliamAdoasi: Guys I am a prince in Ghana but I'm not the William getting married, thanks!
20SumthingSteph: @lilhannarnia what madness, is she from ghana?
kingalbe: Bochornoso presentar una candidatura mundialista con un estadio medio vacío ante la campeona del mundo. Quién verá un Ghana-EEUU entonces??
3HDlive: @ValleyVal87 yeah this man brought it back from Ghana... me and @SpiiciMayo haaaad to get it
DelsieRoss: Its all goood. Ill catch Ricky Rozay in Ghana.
adolwa: I know I should let it go, lakini na udthika nikikumbuka Ghana na Uruguay ....NKT
RickaaayO: is bored in Ghana, who said that being an international air hostess was glam - hhhmmm - Its hardly Monte Carlo darling !!! xxx
DrewMula: RT @JNRelJefe: @DrewMula Drewsy Ghana v England @ Wembley you down?<< YEP!
OfoE_myklesmuuf: RT @ganyobi_tete: o apparently @ernie_mack is on snaptu too. ibi like the whole Ghana

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