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RaulVernaza: W/Julio hablandoooo....
rEddiCt: @ayudjais yang kemaren ngambil 2 juga?? Susahhh banget yaaa rat?:( w juga yakin kynya ga bakalan lulus tapi nekatttt gila hihihi~
zacharyreusing: I'm at Yard House (800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles). http://4sq.com/5WBDcv
ladybeabird: I'm at FoodParc (845 Ave of the Americas, btwn 29th & 30th St, New York) w/ 11 others. http://4sq.com/bzFIGC
AyeMami: @ComicalMischief it is corny to me ,i'm tech person and it doesnt have everything 2 me. I always seen old business people on the train w/ it
qchan1977: 「酵素」そのものの意味も分かってないな俺。w QT @21wakasama @Qchan1977 潜在酵素とは持って生まれたときからの酵素です。この酵素をいかに長持ちさせるかが若さを保つ秘訣です。そのための16時間酵素断食です。
AetherApparel: Hey NYC, come check us out this weekend @Pop_Up_Flea along w/ @LLBean @JCrew_Insider @Levisguy @Tellason @Schottnyc @GantRugger & many more.
Rockoxoxo: @JimmyBFly lunch w/me n @iTsChannezzy friday??
kahlil88: RT @TheCodySimpson: All of LA! see u @ my FREE Christmas Show Sat w/- @OfficialCharice http://www.citadeloutlets.com/go/Poolb.cfm?MallID=766&FPURLID=2129972532
ManchesterStuff: P O K O J D O W Y N A J E C I A (Manchester, Price: £100pw) http://bit.ly/dApiZw
normalrockstar: Headed to @NashvilleRescue to help w The Fish Radio-thon, call 615-312-1500. Make those phones ring - let's talk!
lauraburciaga: My best friend @ismaelburciaga returns from NYC tonight!! I'm ready to see him, the house has been too quiet w/out him. ;)
MzPrttyBlk: I wanna sing my loud at wrk right now, or have a random outburst but idk if my supervisor would b too happy w/ that. Damn Pepsi got me crunk
icalbohai: I'm at The Ellen DeGeneres Show (4301 W Olive Ave, at Hood Ave, Burbank) w/ 110 others. http://4sq.com/559jM3

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