Moms And Daughters Doing

Moms And Daughters Doing

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taytay553: RT @TrueTeenQuotes: How could the best things in life sometimes come at the wrong time and the only options left are grab it now or never have it again. #TTQ
Depoetic: @BrendaArendt Boy - I'm glad I went and got some Diabetic Choc. Chip cookies - or you'd really have me craving them right now!
stanscates: @lmarshall5 Truth and logic are good things not 2 accept any room for discussion. It either/or nothing in between. RW want 2 pick
trymars: Not too focused right now, should I be #Tweeting or doing #homework...
Lashandra41734: Love Me or Hate Me either way your thinking of me and its driving you crazy !!
Rena1649: Your life is a newspaper for everyone to read. As the owner and editor you get to decide if you are going to be the headline or the com
blossom_daisy: Once he or she cheat it never ends they will keep doing it
yeadats_nyree: Rt if wen yu where in elem. and was playin duck duck goose yu always got pick and da boys or girls always wantd ta chase yu lls i was blown
bigshitxtalker: If I see anybody retweet or tweet Rihanna shade, I'm unfollowing you and I will shank you!
XxVally_girlXx: @Nictay_Dorfs hey Nicky do you like Pete and banna or how about Jimmy and dokay lol :p
tiffdn: @khtruong Every time I'm doing OChem stuff or think about it, I start crying.
ritalooo: Contact me and get your commission to work as a part- time jobs or add MSN.
NathanDRice: RT @adriennewebb: via @modernstories: Great #hashtag tutorial for brands and businesses. @Tagalus or @Wthashtag!
swankysongbirds: Is still can't tell yuri and yoona apart sometimes :x . Like if they have the same hairstyle or have individual shots I get confused X___X
woahdudde: RT @DamnItsTrue: A girl loves it when you call or text her every night and wish her sweet dreams. #DamnItsTrue

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