Nepali Movie Song Fulpati Vakera Manakamana

Nepali Movie Song Fulpati Vakera Manakamana

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xxxJBplusMExxx: Pray = My new favorite song :)
mellou21: Okay! So power gave out in movie theatre - kinda creepy :/
BigDreamer789: @agarrett09 "God never gives you more than you can handle." did you ever listen to the song i suggested? what did you think?
SAMA_1994: @AKHegazy Im kidding Hegazy -__- Haha! The movie IS OUT but i can't go out anyway!=(
kaleidoscope22: @shifing_sand which Bryan G movie are you watching? The Perfect Score is my favorite.
hOnEysOoSAVAGE: @Gotti_LNH mos definitely. I sing, song wrote, & model! So hell ass yes i be boomin & buckin!! Lol
Lindsafurr: Owl City has more songs not just "Fireflies" so can people stop playing just that one song
connorangileri: @craigwargo dahh ya got me. good song tho
XtremeSage: For the life of me I can not find this song. I hate when I can't find out something, it'll drive me nuts until I figure it out. xD
MaxAirJones: I still know the whole " With You " Chris Brown song !
homeslice2990: RT @ochocinco: Man FOR COLORED GIRLS was good, i ain't teared up in no movie since Mufasa slipped off the cliff in Lion King, oh and Bambi
Incognito008: I am legend is a movie, one that i rate
Taffy26: Blackandyellow RT @Meo_Oww: It's gucci time!!!! RT @Ihearttiko: You are driving in a car, and a song comes on, (cont)
Lopez164: Watching a movie u4j

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