Oops Benedetta Parodi

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JuniorAOM: oops its still wed! haha nvm
msdistance: @maki_oops 最近、きのこの美味しさに目覚めました。たけのこは甘すぎる気がする。これも歳かしら……よぼ
your_overcoat: @mparrishdudell Oops. You found my secret blog.
xStephieGaGax: @ShakeYahKitty oops..*lol ya so he could see his ass getting beat!..Buaahaaa
neishaT00much: ooh nvm I wasn't following cuhh .. oops :) #NowFollowing @DAni3LL3Stks thoo lol
JeffFromNH: @Sooz Oops. Sorry, I was up front at #billyruane. Maybe see you at @cassavettes or Scissormen?
sinartimur: Ahemp ! Gah yoo,, neg maemin oops gek gelem hhaRT @ssapo: mentang2 penjual oops ;p --->> RT @sinartimur: Mentang2 guru binggris
horizon3: I was once a young boy ... oops wrong subject #nightconfession
intoxicated_: Oops! Im late! Leaving! xx
Kaleem1966: Go Beers!.... oops Bears!
AndrewMile: oops :p RT @dearsoeurette: sheep bgt semua pada libur !
MaddenMade311: @azmosis oops! lol that all kinda ran 2gether. i meant to say thank u on ur last DM! and then say i tweeted joel sumthin hilarious haha
gullallie: Susah ya jadi anak gaul hihihi @ted_kho: Oops, ternyata geng si dia itu gak ce es dengan geng si itu, ya ya, (cont) http://tl.gd/71gc5a
hevzzz: @_heykatie grrrr! I've skived today, oops :)
MissPomPom: @Sexy_Turtle You did? Oops...you want me here or DMland? x

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