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DocDillagence: @XtotheV Mad props on tha mixtape. Been waitin a hot min 4 it though....well worth tha wait mah dude. no Life v.s. Livin remix?!
FantasyPhoto_: RT @DefJamYg: toot it n boot it remix video shoot tomorrow with @50ent & @snoopdogg
Digital_Glitter: listening to "Dublin Aunts - Exley - Distorted Love (Dublin Aunts Remix - Radio Edit)" ♫
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Mr_2GloCCz: @Wale @michaeljackson Thriller Remix ft @Tip @Myfabolouslife @Thegame @Drakkardnoir & 2Pac
DJSpinnem: @kanyewest Kanye West - Touch The Sky(Spinn'em Remix) by DJ Spinn'em via #soundcloud
saintdahustla: RT @vaNillathiGhs: "Whip My Hair (Remix)" by Swag Kid Telly!!- enough to be the official @saintdahustla RT..
pat_lok: Girls been losing their minds to this in the kloob! RADIO INK - Physical (Moonchild Remix) at @hypem @moonmoonchild
OG_AcejayR: RT @DefJamYg: toot it n boot it remix video shoot tomorrow with @50ent & @snoopdogg
VERTGREENVERT: listening to You Keep Me Hanging On 2009 [LM Project Aka DJ Project T. Remix] by Wavetune on @Grooveshark:
FAMOUSJTurbo: RT @DefJamYg toot it n boot it remix video shoot tomorrow with @50ent & @snoopdogg < that's about to be live can't wait for that to drop .
MaravishozO: ObligaoO.! Si Qeres q tu Remix Suene Pesao ya sabs a Qien Llamar.! -> @guelosuperstar =) RT @maximanpr: Creo q este remix va a tener...
TachaTheFlava: RT @isupportlogiq: @TachaTheFlava Logiq (@iamlogiq) feat T.I. (@TIP) & Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) -- GET BACK UP VIDEO REMIX. Pls RT
MsMcdaniel: RT @JuanNeal: RT @MsMcdaniel: Off-Rip Ft. 16 of the Hottest Artist in Detroit-Cocky and Arrogant Remix (
facebook_famous: Check this video out -- WIZ KHALIFA- RED & YELLOW (IOWA STATE REMIX BY CHI & POGO) via @youtube

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