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RandaNYK: Bosh is on fire with all of the Heat's eight points. I think that's the Bosh NY was looking forward to this season. 8-4 Miami.
BFS_alwys: Looking foward to my vacation starting tomorrow! Vegas for 4 days. It will be nice to get out of the hole (calexico) I live in for once.
luckyhyunz: @ys_kate 12월 18일 오후 4시 시간 비워놔_ 대단한 공연 선물해줄께!
piropiropo: my 4 yr old realized how to put my phone in mp3 format and she's going around the house playing beautiful. all she knows is "YOU, you, you."
aliinebueno_: Vote em mim no Concurso #GatasdoTW -->
diegomussio: RT @C5N: Horror en Chaco: una beba de 4 meses falleció tras ser violada // no se x ke lo rt...indignacion...horror...
Jessica_Schw: Vote em mim no Concurso #GatasdoTW -->
owlsportsgym: 今日は4パターンの中から看板決めちゃうぞ〜
Jdkoa: @BigSexyMcCorkle Zenyatta has retired&will live out her life having sex w/male horses 4 cash. In a month that will b the Stefan Struve story
bezanjulia: PF.Vote ~> INDICO&SIGO *-* @Desejo_Koba @viiictorcn @OficialColirios @FC_LanzaMeuTudo
littlemissscifi: Bill 4 global food imports top $1,000 bn this yr 4 the 2nd time, putting world ‘dangerously close’ to new food crisis, UN says. #FinTimes
TinyPearlCat: RT @PixelDoggy giv @TinyPearlCat a big generous $$ TIP 4 bein such a gr8 barktender! hre is tip jar #SammyHolliePawty
Cher_Dawn: RT @ericjkrause: What my final pre-1st draft preparation looks like on my novels:
KZ4RealTho: @twistagmg Thanks for the last verse in Motive 4 Murder.I was shoutin those lyrics in the lab 2nite! Intricate, smooth, brutal #BestRapper
derrist7871: Have you tried the secret Rich Janitor? u4

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