Sifat Shalat Nabi Muhammad Saw

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devon0: RT @cthagod: God told me to tell y'all if you don't change your ways on Twitter its over. You saw what he did to Black Planet and Myspace.
SaffronKim8734: @lastdeathdealer Google "MoviePoint." I just saw Paranormal Activity 2 at MovePoint.
madikjackson: @taylor_loves and then i turned around and the building was right there. guess who i saw again? the prince of darkness. oh yes girl.
megankwagner: @annieology I only saw the last 15 min or so. Need to do some catching up online.
SammehJo: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Some saw #deathlyhallows at midnight tonight. Others will see it tomorrow. Grab some @starbucks, it's going to be a long, epic night.
kattyfernandez: @Cyn4c ok... :D aunque me da miedo ver esa que dices de ver en saw 3D
alice_saga: So humble RT @hoseachanchez: saw this guy i'n the gym today he was about 450lbs and 5"8. I was proud of (cont)
DjRitter864: Chillin saw some fights today and blitzed
tipyourhat: @BOBSK1 saw a group of then galloping across a field as Woburn safari park, one of my favourite naturey sights I think
if_i_had_adam: @HaileyThePerv no clue darling :( . I saw someone else post that pic and said it was from Germany lastnight sorry I'm no help :/
Janine_Michele: Just saw the amber alert on the highway. I hope they find him
A_MAYSing: Just saw the funniest shit of the month
kielymosiman: @_ScottieD_ tell me you just saw mod fam!!!!
Allie_Life: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Some saw #deathlyhallows at midnight tonight. Others tomorrow. Grab some @starbucks it's going to be a long epic night.
Bongol: Seken khan??? ‎​​​(ˇ_ˇ'!l) RT @dianbe_: Buuiihhh , dalem bgt .. RT @bongol: Buang to sifat alami (cont)

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