Testy Prawo Jazdy Skrzyzowania

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lyteforce: Is it me, or is every #Canucks fan just a little testy tonight? I know I didn't get to see the game like y'all did.. but why so cranky?
alesroubicek: Facebook konečně udělal podporu testování pro Graph API http://jdem.cz/hxjw5 No hurá, konečně budu moct napsat testy pro svoje GraphApi :)
laethegirlhayes: I see females ain't the only ones that be bleeding...dudes be a little sensitive and testy too! Smh
eltomas_cz: Zase ve škole, snad dneska nebudou žádný testy nebo zkoušení ..
ania13: @CiszaNocna noc się skończyła, Twoje prawo uciszania również, Cisza Nocno!
CharlieW2: @Just_Fantastic no man yah gatta watch what you. People are so testy these days.
szykana_PL: #F1 #F1ultra GALERIA: Testy dla młodych kierowców w Abu Zabi | dzień 2: Zapraszamy do obejrzenia gal... http://bit.ly/cIWbmc #Racing #PL
F1ultra_pl: Wiadomości #F1 GALERIA: Testy dla młodych kierowców w Abu Zabi | dzień 2: Zapraszamy do obejrzenia galerii... http://tinyurl.com/2fpnpdm
NTC2103: @emptynetters especially with Staal coming back in a month... Love the Conner, TK, and Testy line, all they need is some chemistry
Calllandra: All these bitches wanna try and be my bestie, but I take a left and leave them hanging like a testy
RSPW_DEP: @Lord_Gow Re: Testy ROFL! :D Night brahs!
Lord_Gow: @AnnCoulter [NEW COLUMN IS POSTED! NAPOLITANO: THE BALL’S IN MY COURT NOW] - Careful now, don't get testy... :-)
lionchild: @Ralffie I see your Testy Meeting and raise you a Newscast! ;-)
MaxStreet1: @FairTaxNancy @shermanoakslife "testy" it does get a bit aggravatn don't it? :-)
fliptest: http://flpbd.it/vTC9 Testy mutest test

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