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MiAu240: RT @jumblejim: Retweet if you have a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered friend in your life that you love & accept unconditionally.
lilmekatxgyrl: @yofavchinadoll lol selana you know I love you but u even said urself u stay changing ur mind bout coming down here lol...r u coming nxt wk
CoulterM: At trivia again. Won best team name again. Today's was "TSA: We Gate Rape" ...so you can imagine how bad the rest were.
warlaurr: @TylerWRoss if you live to be 100 i hope i live to be 100 minus 1 day so i never have to live without you >.<
JoelAndersonn: @davidjaredcraig except when you go snowboarding for the first time and try to go big and land on your back on a tree trunk.
ludy_glue: me are u sure?? :p RT @RisnaMaxi : You ! :))
torgie: If an act of affection can be used as a weapon against you, YOU ARE THE BAD GUY: http://bit.ly/cewxsa
TheBieberNaavy: @theburiedlife i tweeted ellen for you like 700000 times . i think that deserves a follow ? You guys are inspiring . :) thanks sonmuch
Pretty_Kiy: RT @BombzMoney: Can't trust niggaz like you use to these days
babizivhgww: @rootswriter djmogofficial yes indeed we are :D thank you, hopefully we shall both get better pronto ☑ http://clkly.tr67.net/Yo32U
jimmyandmandie: You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, http://read.ly/Ps30.11.NIV
sarahj0hnson: “Facebook is like a jail. You sit around & waste time, you write on walls & get poked by people you don't even know.”
ibleedlyrikz: Just tell me if you care... Or if u ever cared at all
ItzKidBeast: RT if you get money [$(100)$]
ribnar: @stefanpinto you are welcome, happy to spread the good word!

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