Training My Husband Chastity Sissy Maid

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SMURFF45: My room is hella messy..where's a maid when u need one smh
TinaDamnDoo: "I love you, bay." to my ears. @_@ <3 <3 <3
WoodlandDave: Oops - gotta renew my Barn Owl licence today - then it's off to check out a small community woodland & advise on management planning :o)
Mosssu: RT @Prince_labang: I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth -someone give that bitch a hair cut!!!
djhadopi: Hop entry for the Bench WhpC, check it out now!
2KJAHA: SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER MY FRIEND MY BUDDY OLE PAL @Mz4EverElegant its her BIRTHDAY #showingsomelove ...she a must follow
rachella_stone: @MichelleAileenS LOL , like my status in bbm haha
Zigweje: Music makes my heart glow with fire power,
dangm2011: My Twitter value is $10.19, according to ... What about yours? #twalue
Zilva_BulletCO: @CDiorDenimFlow_ im gaggin, datzx my man, he knows where home is lol
LilGreenEyez_: You had my heart thumping and my mind racing..and it was a dream. The realest dream i ever dreamt. damn #nightterrors go away!!
shockernator: #ShoutOut 2 All My Friends That Came Out 2nite ((: ily guys ((: it's on and poppin saturday!!
ItsNiecesPieces: Aight im gone from this subject joe. Im just knowing a mf gone tell. Shyt gone head & do me that favor ain't nobody gone beat my ass!
PeanutStCosmo: RT @tylercoates: My internal monologues are in all-caps 95% of the time.
kalioso: RT @Siccnessnet: YP/FAB Macktwon - Ty - Macwall- FT Poodeezy - My Other Bitch @MACKTWON916 @datynigga @MACWALL190 @PoodeezyBZ @kalioso

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