Valcea Curve

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maggieemma: @skellerbvvt Apparently I'm behind the curve on JGL movies...
cikhelena: @YnnLunia ha selasa malam.nak ajak buat review filem under media prima..kat e@curve..
DRSalazar92: Twitteando desde el nuevo curve de mi padrastro...
JenniChiarotto: RT @bberryphoneinfo: Update: What is the difference between the blackberry curve and bold?
tmifood: THURS - For a taste of Mediterranean cuisine, there is duck pasta, paella, etc. at La Gourmet House, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.
rydlewis: its the official @blackberrycmpus BLOG & site 2 register for New 8530 Curve giveaway! Who's Wants 2 Win .>ME
promopost: Buy: Liz Claiborne - Curve Wave Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml/3.4oz Liz Claiborne. Curve Wave Eau...
andrymaritem: Yg mana aj bolee haha RT @dhiandmimot: curve yg mna deh?*googling*RT @andrymaritem: Ukan curveRT @dhiandmimot: Javelin ya?gw jg s
okmelissinha: “I wanna wake up naked next to you, kissing the curve in your clavicle” ♪ err; alkaline trio sempre me entendeu
_breezyEbaby: RT @Carcar_Brittain: @_breezyEbaby should pick up her blackberry curve and call me ASAP...thanks ma'am--dang all that. Okkkkk
tweeted2day: RT @knowledge4us: RT @tweetmeme The Best BlackBerry Curve Case
CuTTieULY: RT @Porter2smoove: I #curve a lot of bitches so come correct
javiernavax: pero esos curve los vende un chamo ? o son de agencia o qe? dame letra profesor @marioboscan
naddilaa: RT @yanglagiguerasa: It's amazing that just by looking at your face. The edge of my lips would curve up.
dhiandmimot: curve yg mna deh?*googling*RT @andrymaritem: Ukan curveRT @dhiandmimot: Javelin ya?gw jg srg brshinny pke minyak kayu ptih RT

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