Xem Video Choi Trau O Do Son Hai Phong

Xem Video Choi Trau O Do Son Hai Phong
Di choi thien son suoi nga
Lop NHE (2007-2010) di choi thien son suoi nga.day la nhung hinh anh tren xe moi nguoi cung hat ho

Bullfight-Drummers in Do-Son (Hai-Phong)
drummers before the bullfight starts

Bullfight longplay in Do-Son (Hai-Phong)
long bullfight-game in So-Son

Tan Cung Noi Nho (ngoc son) Hai Trieu
nhac tru tinh hat Hai trieu

Bullfight runaway in Do-Son (Hai-Phong)
Bullfight in Vietnam. Fast attack and runaway

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