Yeteneksiz Türkiye Bilal Göregen

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rmichaelthomas: @tlewisisdope I just feel like there used to be MORE, but Bad, Yahz, Bilal, yes. Ain't hear Teedra or D. Broke. And Trey?! FIRED.
uought2know: @CyrusAaron neva heard Bilal 's. I gotta get in. R u in w/ Cole Porter's music? Like Love 4 Sale, or U do something 2 me..? <more classics!
_Rochelle: Arty...or creepy? RT @Switched artist to surgically implant camera in the back of his head
Msg_N_Music: OJ anyone? (w/a side of yogart.) Check out @rolandsmartin or maybe this ---> BILAL - "Someday We'll All Be Free" -
DjBbailey: @avionceskincare or "sometimes" by Bilal. That's how I'm really feeln
dhayes1098: Oh Bilal: PPV Losing Value? - Editorials: There are ways around this: going to a movie theatre or a blast arena ...
_Rlove: @GoldenChildJr @DreSki_GB. Lmbo hahahahah bilal am I or aint I ur god mom?
fundatekke: now i can see what is treading in turkiye? or was that always there?
farrahkudus: @riderpk ok wait.. my fam is celebrating it tomorrow! & bilal, + maheen! who cares about the moon or whatever it is -.-
frenchvision: Damn. Why don't I have van hunt or bilal on this damn thing
bramanggoro: @aphrina_rina oh iya san,aiesec udh mlai expansi ke LS,tdi'y di jkt cuma UI,gw januari 2012,tpi skalian turkiye or poland,ayo rin gbung,bsa,
Sir_F_husain: RT @Ayshbubbly I recommend y'all 2 google or search u tube 4 d lecture titled 'Preparing for death before it strikes' by Bilal Dannoun
TheY2J: "@jessjusright: I could've stayed home if o wanted to sleep alone smh..." or called me over!.let's Do dis Girl! lol(bilal house party voice)
MarcusHayes001: RT @Bassheaddred: @marcushayes001 yep any Bilal or D Angelo>ok you've got Soul Cellar show will be 27 Nov
Bassheaddred: @marcushayes001 yep any Bilal or D Angelo

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