You Tube-حرودي شواف

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caseyf: @ianlandsman I don't miss paper at all. Buy a Kindle and read a book on it. If you aren't sold, you've got 30 days to return it :)
Jay_orange: Girl: FUCK U boy: FUCC I DO girl: I HATE YOU boy:WTF YOO BYE girl:DONT LEAVE ME boy:-___- Girl: I LOVE YOU (starts crying)
ca_miiranda: @UsherRaymondIV my looooooooooove #TEAMUSHER, Brazil needs you ! I love u
gaabriel_r: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are #np
amandey21: I just took "You and Justin were bestfriends up until middle school. w..." and got: part three - jealous much?! Try it:
MissSmartFlyer: We'll leave you with this: #luxurychat @ExclusiveResrts
Jassy_D: @LouDiamondz can you tell your wife to call me ASAP? please and thank you
gecko85: @sbmczh LMAO!!! lets see if you can guess what i saw..."WEEELLLLCOME to our Senior Class, where youll never have a problem gettting any ass
hsilkchampagne: @teamkeepitreal are you high? I feel like we're having two different conversations.
atikahnstn: #nowplaying according to you
DrewMarshall256: @carolduncan Hey Carol - it wasn't me but could you play that song called 'Oh Werewolf' by Stralian Crawl one day please.
jimenezgrace60: I love you SO much!
Noviyana_bieber: RETWEET if you dont Arrogant, haha :)
MsCamil: RT @Sexstrology: Leo are very direct. If they like you they will let you know, often with a tiger pounce.
flyguytray: #metrotip if you ride the green line to branch ave find the train with the most locs/cornrows & you will be able to sit down after Anacostia

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