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ISIDIS: RT @jaappie77: ik ben een zwarte P maar heb een witte L als je hem niet lust dan lust je moeder hem wel.
xoLoveJustin: @justinbieber My World Anniversary Vid with over 400 Beliebers!! :D Made by: @ForeverBeliebe
lukasmixxx: RT @austin_tv: Buenas! a propósito de: "Volver al Futuro", miren lo que encontramos:
B0TT0MB1TCH: @Dopey911 iz u ready 2 die????
cdjun: My favorite! Sweet voice&guitar sound! [In the name of Love - Jason Mraz Ver.] via @youtube
BlondeStef: I am 62 hits away from 1000... please e mail to your friends ...
zamakeupartist: Check this video out -- Coldplay - Violet Hill via @youtube
kortunov: Мусульмане спешат на праздник Курам Байрам в Питере
hotpinkbabe1022: #currentlylisteningto Mario Kart Love Song. The cover of it by FutureIdiots (that's his YouTube) this one is better than the origional(:
NickZara: NEW Apple iPAD Commercial LOL via @youtube
vale_widya: the mellow attack me... via @youtube
CDesaulniers: Si vous voulez un apercu d'a quel point starcraft est big en corée...OMG -- korean air osl finals player entrance #fb
shimoxile: 【PR】下XILEが歌う夏の爽快ナンバー「SALMON OF LOVE」がYouTubeに登場!人間と鮭とのひと夏の恋を歌った異色ラブソング。愛言葉はサーモンオブラブ!
DreyaBooIQWifey: Finna hop on youtube from tha phone and watch some vidz.
Ianwellz: @Jiinjin aight I got you. Got somethin I want you to hear. You next to a computer or your phone got YouTube?

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